"Ignorance separates, 

music unites"







Jaded Jane´s agenda extends far beyond the music itself. Axel is my name, the person behind the alias, I see melodies and soundscapes as bridges between people.

I want to welcome, enable, and open up a chance for listeners to relate. To feel less alone.

Songs & Videos

Recent Releases!

Jasmine Flower

Passionate lyrics about true love and daring to yearn.

Inner Angel

A cathartic ballad that hopefully will ignite the light within.

Superwoman ft. ETZIA

Soundtrack for the Beats of War

comic book issue #5


Upcoming Concerts

Rockin' Live

Los Angeles, CA

June 15, 2023

City Lights

New York City, NY

July 7, 2023

Summer Groove Fest

Miami, FL

August 18, 2023


Vinyl and Cd´s

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Salvation (Vinyl)

Ambient elemental pop album recorded live in Swedish Gramophone Studios.

Piano, Vocals, Fretless Bass, Drums.

The Puzzle (CD)

The 2nd One of a Kind studio album, a  precursor to Jaded Jane featuring Frank McComb, Olivia Ruff and more by brothers Axel and Adam.

Treasure of Songs (CD)

The first album by One of a Kind, the forerunner of Jaded Jane by brothers Axel and Adam.


In the Spotlight

Write ups and Press coverage

Article from Mesmerized Blog on "The Difference Between Us"

film soundtrack.

Article: "Swedish musician discovers himself on Great Western Road" - Glasgow West End News

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